Overdue Update

This blog has mostly been focused on kinky happenings in my life so far, and I’d rather it wasn’t only about that. That’s one facet of my life, but there are also many others. I spent my spring break away from this blog and just trying to de-stress from school and life. When I did, I finally started to gain some lost creativity back. I ordered new art supplies and Polaroid film that I’m very…

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Things that don’t make you less of a feminist:

  • Being in a loving relationship.
  • BDSM.
  • Being submissive.
  • Wearing makeup.
  • Being a housewife.
  • Wearing dresses.
  • High heels.
  • Shaving.

Things that do make you less of a feminist:

  • Shaming women for doing any of these things.

Thank you

Yes. 10000x thank you. 

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